stirrer incubator 90720
stirrer incubator 90720 stirrer incubator 90720 stirrer incubator 90720 stirrer incubator 90720 stirrer incubator 90720 stirrer incubator 90720

These hatching machines are used in hatchery factories. These machines are designed to allow separating two rocky eggs in a continuous and one-way motion along the machine. These incubators are designed for 12 rocky vehicles. Each egg has a capacity of 7560 eggs. The egg function is performed on the inside of the racket unit 6 once a week. The turkey / duck incubators contain 8 rock and they are sowed once a week. The fresh eggs are placed on the rock and placed in a position at the end of the inlet layer. The cartridges are sent forward every time the egg load is loaded until they are removed from the incubator and transferred to the hatcher. This process takes about 24 days for eggs for approximately 18 days, for turkey eggs and 25 days for ducks for Quebec.

Multi-stage MTJ incubators can focus on fresh air ventilated to cool older eggs, while using heat and carbon dioxide produced by advanced eggs to heat newly-growing embryos. It also has a fully automated system with advanced sensors to control temperature, humidity and wind flow inside the cabin, and control the system until the end of the stage, and transfer potential changes using alarm systems to the operator.

The type of 2 panels of PVC is 2/2 milliliter of ionolite layer
1- Special profiles made of aluminum extrusion and hardened electrospray powder
2. All metal parts of the machine include gantry bases of fan and ... made of galvanized hot
3. The sterile material used in the machine
4. Electric valve for wind (for wind turbine command)
5. VESTA Italy Wind and Water Couplings for quick connection
6 x 150 x 150 for rock rotation
7. Engine 110 V 110.4 V Russia
8. Nozzles 1.25 - 60 degrees DANFOSS Denmark
9. Italian water valve (for humidity control)
10 - All water and wind connections made of brass with chromium plating
11-Electromechanical SIEMENS 37% Kilowatt Germany (Wind direction)
12- 3000 Watts RECO Spain (to provide temperature)
13. Microswitch fan alarms
14. Full wire crimping
15 - Water hoses and PARKER Italy
16 - Roller skates and roller skates made of hard ABS
17. Plastic combs with 2160 pcs per device
18. Smart SMART 103 Control Systems
19-Rocket Stirrer 12 with hot-dip galvanized plugs with plastic shoulders each with a capacity of 7560 eggs

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