Directors and staff of the Advertising and Promotion Center of the Third Festival, with a thoughtful look to the distant edge and with the goal of Saud to the top of the country's arts and crafts, achieve the best and the newest new advertising methods such as consulting, design, planning and implementation of the project from the whole advertisement, The track is moving insecure and, of course, the way is started and we think of bigger goals.
Through the most powerful and creative advertising ideas, we strive to raise the level of quality of our activities and we have always tried to make our clients the best. In this regard, by choosing the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system template, quality is assured to ensure the following:
1- Meeting customers' needs and satisfying them
2. To maintain and enhance the market share and increase the quality of services provided, according to the needs, demands and expectations of customers.
3. Innovation and creativity in services in terms of personnel training and promotion of scientific and technical knowledge of the organization
4. To motivate employees as the main capital of the company, in order to increase productivity
In this regard, our management and our employees are committed to meeting these goals and to establish, maintain, review and evaluate the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, it is hoped that all partners will understand the principles contained in this policy with sympathy, co-operation and management cooperation. Assist the organization in achieving the goals set.