Introducing the woodpecker features and breeds

Woodpeckers are tree birds that use their beaks to pierce trees. Holes made by woodpeckers in trees can be used as a place to store food by the bird. The woodpeckers have a tongue, the tip is very sticky and the creams easily attach to it. The bird also uses the tip of its tongue to detect the movements of the worms inside the hole.

The woodpecker has leg-toed legs that have two fingers on the front and two fingers on the rear and can easily be moved on trees. It also bumps its wings while flashing, causing the bird to move up and down while flying. The food of the woodpeckers forms seeds and fruits of trees and insects. The sap of the trees and the seeds of the seeds include other woodpeckers.

Woodpecker races

Among the woodpeckers, we can mention pica woodpeckers, golden tails, Japanese woodpeckers, jelly woodpeckers, olive woodpeckers, small green woodpeckers, sherry woodpeckers, cedar woodpeckers, striped green woodpeckers, red headed woodpeckers and Magellan woodpeckers. There are about 200 different types of woodpeckers in the world, and in general it can be said that wherever trees exist, woodpeckers can be seen there.

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