Hatcher machine 15120

Hatcher machine 15120

This machine is used for hatching after the eggs have been removed from the machine during the last two days of incubation.

This device, using the proper airflow system along with the air pressure discharge system, can create more harmony between temperature and humidity inside the cabin.

The cabin is made using two layers of P.V.C sheet with a layer of compressed ionolite sheet that makes the system completely isolated from the environment in terms of sound, temperature, humidity.

With a fully protected system, the MTJ15120 allows you to completely and uniformly absorb any moisture and moisture throughout the hatch, which will help to increase the quality of incubation.


1) Type 2 panel 2) PVC film 2) Width of ionolite layer P40) per meter 40 kg)
2. Special profiles made of aluminum extruded and hardened powdered electrostatic
3. All metal parts of the machine, including rock clamps, fan base and ... made of galvanized hot
4. The sterile material used in the machine
5- Electric valve for wind (for wind turbine command)
6- Italian water buoy couplings for quick connection
7. Nozzles 1.25 - 60 degrees DANFOSS Denmark
8. Damper motor 110 V 10.4 round RUSSIA
9-cylinder 25 * 16 and 50 * 16 Italy
10) Italian water valve (for humidity control of the device)
11 - All water and wind connections made of brass with chromium plating
12-Electromechanical SIEMENS55% KW Germany (Wind direction)
13. JAMESWAY Canadian 4-hatcher fan fan
14. RECO Spacer 2000 watt electric element (to provide temperature)
15. Microwave alarm fan - door
16. Water and sanitation hoses in Italy
17. Rock-type wheels and roller skates made of hard ABS
18-90 plastic packs of 168 eggs
19. Smart SMART 103 Control System
20-Rock Hatcher 3 pcs each with a capacity of 5040 eggs
Machine Price
Control system
Smart 103
Heating system
An electric wrench 2000 watts
Humidity system
Two Nozzles 1.25
Dimensions(height x depth x width) cm
213 * 213 * 300
Weight of the machine(without eggs)
1007 kg
Number of metal shelves or plastic baskets
Rock number (3 for each hatcher)
2 columns, 15 floors
Number of fans
2 x 4 waterproof pliers
Floor area
6.53 m²
electricity flow
115 / 230V, 50 / 60Hz, single phase AC power
water pressure
65 PSI / 450 kPA (Spray Spray)
The volume of water
1.35 gph/5.11 lph