The founder of poultry carcass Company Jovibar Mr. Mohsen Masoumi Jouibari started his activity in the field of producing one-day-old chicks by establishing an incubation unit (the third incubation unit in Mazandaran province) with a monthly capacity of one million units in Joybar.

Given that in those years incubation systems from European and American countries entered Iran and the supply and support of the devices was difficult to do, it gave them an incentive to minimize these hardships, which resulted in the establishment of the unit for the construction of the machine Incubation was started in 1994 as the poultry carcass company. And from the very beginning, it has been able to attract the attention of the country's one-day-old chicks.

The long thinking of the collection based on the principle of self-sufficiency, led the company towards the production of incubator with a lower price than the external sample and the quality with it.

The trusted one-day-old chicken producers have made the machine mass production, as it now has about 500 incubators installed and installed (equivalent to one-third of the total chick production in the country), and now the country is importing devices Incubation is absolutely unnecessary.

In recent years, the company has been exporting its devices to several neighboring countries, such as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, and Azerbaijan.

Another activity of the company is the production of incubators in different sizes for hatching eggs of various kinds of ornamental and domestic birds that have been able to make a significant contribution.